Circular VI.

2020, May 1 - 19:15
Coronavirus information VI. 1 May 2020.

Dear Members of the University!

We would like to inform you that in the competence of the Rector according to 168/2020. (IV. 30.) Government Decree on the protection measures of the Hungarian Government, we introduce the following measures at the University of Debrecen:

Please read carefully our latest information letter, formulated in accordance with the measures taken by the Hungarian Government in response to the epidemiological situation, regarding the University of Debrecen. 

We draw the attention of the university community to the fact that the measures, in addition to facilitations, will continue to prevent the spread of the epidemic, while allowing certain activities to be carried out again with the necessary precautions!

Actual information

In the latest phase of the epidemiological control, after a successful phase of the initial prevention, the Government of Hungary has taken measures in accordance with the decree that will enter into force on 4 May 2020, in accordance with which the University of Debrecen will continue to operate as follows.


The rules of operation from 4 May 2020

Information for students

Education in the 2019/20 academic year will continue to take place in digital form. The faculties have also made their decision regarding the examination period, which remain valid.

For final year students, the final examinations can be conducted in a form that fits the curriculum under the authority of the faculty. The system of practical final examinations (e.g. medical training, agricultural training) can take place in person in accordance with the relevant government decree, in front of a limited number of final examination committees, using appropriate, profession-specific protective equipment and respecting distancing rules.

According to the task issued within the framework of the Deans’ College on 30 April 2020, the deans determine the order of conducting the final examinations.

Information for employees

  • Teachers - researchers

The work is continuous; the work schedule is determined by the immediate supervisor. In the 2019/20 academic year, digital distance education will continue. Exceptions are tasks related to the provision of internships and professional practices to be completed within the institutional framework.

  • Healthcare workers

The work is continuous according to the work schedule, taking into account the gradual resumption of patient care activities.

From 6 May, the institution will launch a virtual outpatient clinic, to help planning patient care routes and schedules, especially for outpatient care.

  • Administrative and operational staff

The work is continuous; the work is determined by the workplace manager.

’Home office’ is still allowed in all jobs where the quality and quantity of work makes this form possible, especially for parents with children who require continuous supervision, as school and kindergarten care is only available on a limited, on-call basis.

Opening schedule of the teaching facilities, operation of services

Students have limited access to educational buildings, for the sole purpose of taking examinations and using personal library services.

The Main Building of the University works according to regular opening hours.

The restaurants and buffets operate at the service level according to the decision of the operators, the regulations of the Government must be followed (terrace service).

Sports facilities may be used for trainings organized by sports organizations, in line with 170/2020. (IV. 30.) Government Decree on sports events and sports trainings, provided for in a separate Chancellor Circular. PE classes cannot be held.

Proficiency tests related to admission can be organized according to the previous government decree, similarly to the final examinations.


Dormitories basically cannot be visited, the closed dormitories remain closed during the academic year, however, the dormitories that have so far provided accommodation for medical students participating in voluntary work and fulfilling their practical obligations, and for international students and Hungarian students from abroad, provide an opportunity to accommodate students originally living in a dormitory, participating in final examinations and professional internships. If required, the request must be submitted to the Dormitory Board of the Student Service Centre (HKSZK), who will provide the opportunity in line with the regulations applied in an emergency situation.


Events cannot be held until further notice.

Travel rules and information

The onset and reorganization of international passenger traffic is not the subject of the current measures. Members of the University may still not travel abroad for official visits – without the special permission of the Rector – and may not receive guests from abroad.

Please continue to follow hygiene recommendations:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap.
  2. Use hand disinfectant.
  3. Limit greeting forms associated with direct contact (handshake, kiss, etc.).
  4. Do not rub your eyes or touch your face.
  5. Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze. Practice cough hygiene rules. Dispose of the used tissue in the bin.
  6. Disinfect commonly used items (computer keyboards, door handles, etc.).
  7. Ventilate as often as possible.
  8. Avoid crowds as much as possible during transportation and your free time.


Dear Members of the University!

The above detailed information and protocol is created for the current situation, and it might be altered by the UD Epidemiology Workgroup if necessary.

For this please carefully read our messages, in which we continuously provide information about the updated duties.

Our University does everything in its power to deal with the current situation properly. We ask the members of the University to help the efficiency of the prevention with their responsible behavior!

Debrecen, 1 May 2020.


Dr. Zoltán Szilvássy Dr. Zoltán Bács Zoltán
Rector Chancellor