Information on governmental measures to take effect regarding the coronavirus emergency

Since the announcement of an extraordinary rule of law and a state of emergency due to the coronavirus, the Hungarian Government has decided to introduce further extraordinary measures on the restriction of gatherings in order to slow down the spread of the virus.

It is forbidden to be in catering units between 3 p.m. and 6 a.m., – with the exception of the employees of the facility. It is allowed to be on a catering premises after 3 p.m. with the sole purpose of buying, receiving and paying for food

It is forbidden to be at any venue of music or dance event regardless of the number of participants or the location of the event.

It is forbidden to stay in shops between 3 p.m. and 6 a.m., with the exception of the employees of the facility! However, shops selling food, perfumery and drugstore products, household cleansing products, chemicals, hygiene paper products are exempt from this regulation, so are pharmacies and units selling therapeutic medical appliances. The exemption also applies to refilling stations and tobacco shops.

Compliance with these restrictive measures will be controlled by the police, any violation or infringement will result in infraction or criminal proceedings regarding both the customer and the client!

In line with the measures of the Hungarian Government, it is forbidden to visit the campus areas - with the exception of the pharmacy or the doctor’s office - if you do not live in one of the dormitories. It is also forbidden to hold gatherings on the premises of the University.

We ask all students to keep the preventive measures mentioned in the University’s earlier messages and avoid public places.

We ask the members of the University to help the efficiency of the prevention with their responsible behavior!

Action taken in Debrecen, on 18 March 2020.