Circular I.

2020, February 27 - 20:00
By effectively keeeping precautionary measures we can greatly contribute to the prevention of the infection.

To All Members of our University:

While we have no record of any persons diagnosed as being infected with the coronavirus either in Hungary or at UD, the virus raises its head in more and more neighbouring countries; in addition to the epicentre of the virus outbreak in Norther Italy, the infection has been identified in Austria, Northern Macedonia, Croatia, and Romania, too.  To succesfully prevent  the epidemic, everybody needs to cooperate and take responsibility not only for themselves but for others, too. In order to reduce risks and prevent unnecessary panic caused by fake news informing the public is just as important as targeted measures.

In accordance with its decisions, the Operative Steering Group for protection against the new coronavirus infections managed by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology has asked for the implementation of the following measures, their distribution within the university and delivery to  the teachers and students. 

Teachers and students are expressly asked to follow hygiene rules, especially to use regular and thorough hand sanitisation. Several infographics on the web page of the National Public Health Centre describe the rules of proper, disinfecting handwashing, including:

Technical workers are asked to observe the World Health Organisation’s (WHO guidelines and to make sure those guideleines are kept: regularly clean and disinfect public spaces.

In order to protect our university teachers’ and students’ health, no trips, study trips, or professional visits should be organised to regions infected with the coronavirus, especially to Northern Italy, at present the epicentre of the epidemic.

If, however, teachers or students have visited infected areas, they should stay at home for at least two weeks, monitoring themselves.

Should somebody experience  symptoms  - fever, cough, weakness, - they should stay at home, notify their family doctor by phone, or call the National Public Health Centre at 06 80/277-455 or 06-80/277-456 (green numbers!) In case of a high fever and difficulty breathing please contact the Infectology Department of the University of Debrecen, Gyula Kenézy University Hospital.

Teachers and students are also asked to notify the university leadership as soon as possible if they know of students who have been to infected areas due to some university or college program, or as part of family visits. These students should be sent home from university classes and, should they show symptoms, inform them immediately about what they need to do. 

UD dormitories continuously monitor personal information regarding new arrivals and, to protect dormitory tenants, they have installed 2 hand sanitizers in each dormitory. The University is also planning to provide other buildings with this type of equipment. 

By effectively keeeping precautionary measures we can greatly contribute to the prevention of the infection.

Our University does everything in its power to properly cope with this situation. We call on our university population to help efficient protection by showing responsible behaviour.