Student dormitories / residence halls

To All Dormitory Residents

Under the provision of the Operative Group on Protection against the Coronavirus of 14 March, 2020, the dormitories of all institutions of higher education are to be vacated without delay and as a matter of urgency. University students are to take their personal belongings with them. Thus all dormitory students are asked to move out of their dormitory before 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 17, 2020 latest. They are asked to vacate their dormitory room, all storage facilities, refrigerators (including the ones in the common areas), and leave their keys to the dormitory together with their entrance card at the dormitory reception.

Moving out will take place between 13 and 22 on March 15, 8 and 22 on March 16, and 8 and 20 on March 17.

Moving out is like leaving the dormitory at the end of the academic year, thus helpers are also allowed to enter the premises of the dormitories. Measures are being taken to ensure that cars can drive into the campuses without having to pay a fee.

Earlier we have allowed some students to stay in our dormitories. According to the new provisions, the only students who are allowed to stay in the dormitories are doctoral students, students doing their teaching practice (or taking part in the development of digital teaching materials for public education), foreign students, Hungarian students living outside the borders of Hungary, 3rd to 6th year students of general medicine (who could participate in patient care if necessary). They have to move to a common dormitory. The same applies to foreign students. These dormitories will be Kossuth Lajos III. Kollégium (4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.), and for the 3rd to 6th year medical studens, (also for those who at present live in KLK III), Markusovszky Lajos II. Kollégium (4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei körút 98.). Students can move into these dormitories between 18 and 22 on Sunday, 15 March, 8 to 22 on Monday, 16 March, and 8 and 20 on Tuesday, 17 March.

Those who cannot return to the dormitories to move out should arrange for someone else to do the moving out for them (authorisation). As authorisation an email containing the names of the authoriser and the authorised person addressed to the contact person, containg their Neptun code (or, if the person is not affiliated to the university, their identity card number) will be accepted.  

Should a student fail to vacate their room in time, all their possessions found in their room will be transported to a storage room in trust, and can be collected at a later time. The University takes no responsibilty for the personal effects left in the dormitory rooms.

As a reminder, please find the names and availabilities of the contact persons in the dormitories:


Contact Person

E-mail address

Telephone number

Arany Sándor Diákapartman

Balázs Bettina


Kertész Attiláné


Borsos József Kollégium

Hegedűsné Stion Éva


Campus Hotel

Nagy Edit


Hajdúböszörményi Kollégium

Máté-Dalmi Judit

(52) 560-004

Kossuth Lajos Kollégiumok

Hegedűs Imre


Markusovszky Lajos Kollégiumok

Nagy-Szűcs Viktória


Nyíregyházi Kollégium

Barna Tamás

(42) 310-606

Szolnoki Kollégium

Balla Beáta

(20) 339-8351

Boros-Fehér Mónika

Tisza István Kollégium

ifj. Zákány Ferenc


Vámospércsi Úti Kollégium

Ulicsné Laczkó Gyöngyvér


Veres Péter Kollégium

Balázs Bettina


Kertész Attiláné


Weiner Leó Kollégium

Zákány Ferenc



Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Debrecen, 14 March, 2020.


Dr. Imre Csiszár

Dormitory Director