Rules of operation from 12 March 2020

Information pertaining to students

In terms of classes, the university orders a break for 12-13 March 2020. Examinations already scheduled for these days may be held on 12-13 March. Oral examinations, however, may only be administered at individually scheduled times, thereby ensuring that larger groups are not waiting on the corridor. Written examinations may be administered in case of groups smaller than 50 persons, keeping a distance of at least 1 metre between two persons.

In the period between 16 and 20 March 2020, students will have their spring break brought forward in time. We call the attention of our students that during the spring break they should not travel abroad, and if possible, should remain at their place of residence.

From 23 March 2020, all institutes of higher education are required to organise online teaching, also with attention to the special features of the given programme. 

The administration of student affairs will take place in electronic form. Pursuant to the decision of the Government of Hungary, any expiring identification documents (student ID) will remain valid.